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projectART is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to supporting art education and providing creative opportunities for the youth of Wimberley.


Our founding members include art teachers, art professionals, and parents who believe art is an integral part of a child’s development.  We understand that the fine arts provide students with opportunities to explore their creativity and self-expression, as well as use critical thinking skills and self-motivation to excel in all areas of their learning. projectART Wimberley is committed to supporting Fine Arts education in the  Wimberley Valley.  Our goals are to support Wimberley ISD art programs, expand our support to KAPS and other Wimberley organizations, continue to display youth art in the Wimberley community and expand projectMENTOR – our student/professional artist apprenticeship program.

projectART nurtures and inspires young artists, supports diverse learning and innovative thinking, and provides real-world experiences that give Wimberley youth the tools to pursue their creative ambitions and meaningfully contribute to their future communities.

Fall 2019 Scudder clay ornament class, taught by Sally Hawkins, projectART’s Vice President

Fall 2019 Scudder clay bowl class

Coil rolling demonstration from Jennifer Ober, projectART President

Clay is engaging!

Stamping clay shapes!

Adding texture

Smoothing the coils on the inside of the bowls

Cutting out shapes

Rolling clay for stamping ornaments

Glazing clay bowls

Coiled bowl ready for firing!

Proud artists!