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Thank you for turning in your projectMENTOR student applications! We are working to match students with artists and will contact you by early December with more information!

Are you a professional artist or artisan interested in mentoring an art student through projectMENTOR? Find out more and fill out our artist form here:


projectMENTOR is a program sponsored by projectART Wimberley, that is pairing students from the Wimberley area with professional artists for a semester-long apprenticeship.


The students will experience the creative process from conception to sale, learning both the business and creation aspects of being a working artist. The student artist work sessions will culminate in an art show highlighting one work of art from both the student and mentor artists!

Meet our 2022 projectMENTOR Artist & Student Pairings!

Meet our 2021 projectMENTOR Artist and Student Pairings!

Meet Mentor Artist Jules Buck Jones, painter and professor at TX State University. He is mentoring WHS student Crystal, age 17.  We’re so excited to see both the student’s and artist’s pieces that come out of their collaboration!


Check out more of Jules’ artwork at



Why Crystal wanted to participate in the projectMENTOR program: ” I really enjoy seeing others create art since not every artist works the same! I will also get to learn new techniques and ways to create. I’ve never had a mentor for art before – I’m mostly self-taught so I think this will be a great opportunity for me!”

Here is another projectMENTOR pairing! Larry Fick, painter and board member of WVAL, is mentoring Maral, age 13, an art student at Danforth Junior High.  We highlighted Maral’s self-portrait during our March Youth Art Month online celebration, and cannot wait to see both of Maral and Larry’s new creations in our soon-to-be-scheduled projectMENTOR Art Show!


You can see Larry Fick’s artwork here:



Here are Maral’s thoughts on projectMENTOR: “I have been making art since I was three years old and have a passion for it. I know I still have a lot to learn. I am interested in acrylic and oil painting. Also, I want to improve my skills doing portraits.”

Meet Mentor Artist Philip Morley, woodworker and owner of,  who is mentoring homeschool student Clovis, age 16.  We’re so excited to see both the student’s and artist’s pieces that come out of this collaboration!


Clovis’ reasons why he was interested in projectMENTOR:

“I’ve always loved art, and look to further my skills every chance I get.  I have been doing art in my free time since I was very young because my mother is an artist and my grandfather is a woodworker. The media that I have had the most interest and practice in is 2D traditional drawing; however, I am open to all medias and am always looking to acquire new skills.”

Our next projectMENTOR pairing includes local Wimberley artist Lora Gray, who specializes in photography and videography.  She is mentoring Danforth Junior High art student Myles, age 12.


Myles’ reasons for joining the projectMENTOR program: “I have always loved art. I have pictures I drew from when I was very little, and I’m still drawing. I draw for several hours a week, and I would love to improve my skills. Thank you projectART for giving me this opportunity!”

 Andrew Maxwell & Austin Johnson, artists and screen printers at Natural Tribute Designs, are mentoring WHS art student Ashley C., age 17. They have a brand new screenprint shop in Wimberley, and have generously offered to sell Ashley’s shirt design all year with the proceeds benefiting projectMENTOR! We can’t wait to see her final design.  Check out her mentors’ great graphic designs here: or




Ashley’s thoughts on projectMENTOR:

“I’ve always enjoyed art, but I’ve never been certain whether or not I could pursue it as a career because I don’t want to take away the joy, and I don’t know if I would be good enough.  This program would not only let me experience an actual sale experience and see how it works – I can also witness how a career as an artist affects people. I enjoy a multitude of art forms – I like to try everything at least a little bit: drawing, acrylic and watercolor paint, iPad graphics, graffiti, tattoo design (I already have my own machine), body paint, and special effects.”

Meet mixed-media artist Trisha McWaters, who uses her foundation in photography to inspire her collage and found-object visual works. She is mentoring Ash, age 13, an art student at Danforth Junior High. We are so excited to see each of their artworks at the soon-to-be scheduled projectMENTOR art show!


You can see Trisha’s artworks here:



Here are Ash’s thoughts on joining projectMENTOR:


“I feel like as an artist this will help me to grow.  I see this as a learning opportunity for young artists such as myself.   I enjoy painting, drawing, scrapbooking, photography, and pottery.”

Here is projectMENTOR apprentice Jacob, age 15 and student at WHS, who is being mentored by Bobby Royal, owner of

Jacob is learning how to make botanical pieces from metal, with Bobby showing him how to make steel appear lightweight, delicate, and textured. These two will have three-dimensional art showcased in the projectMENTOR art show – we cannot wait to see them!


Check out some of Bobby’s amazing works here:



Jacob’s reasons for joining the projectMENTOR program:

“I want to expand my knowledge of art and improve my technical skills.  I would like to learn new forms of art and improve my skill and possibilities as an artist.  I like to blacksmith and create art with metal. I would like to learn how to improve my art through blacksmithing.”